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 Qualifications and Experience
Post No. 1:General Manager (Design)

Must be a B.E/B.Tech (Civil) graduate. M.E/M.Tech in Structural Engineering will be preferred.  Minimum 18 years of works experience in railway environment, out of  which  10  years  in  design  of  Metro  civil  structures,  underground/elevated stations/tunnel  design for  bored  tunnel/C&C  Tunnel/NATM,  design  of  railway viaduct,  temporary  works  design  for  deep  excavation  supports,  design  of  earth retaining structures, Management of contracts relating to the large infrastructure projects are essential. Age: Below  50years as on date of advertisement.

  • Membership in National/International Institutions of  Civil design profession
  •  Knowledge  and  skill  in  management  of  FIDIC/International  civil construction contracts.
  •  Well verse with IS/International codesfor construction of civil underground/ elevated / tunnel structures.
  •  Knowledge in design software like WallUp, Staadpro, Plaxis, SAP.
Post No. 2: Deputy General Manager (Electrical Traction)

Must  be  a  B.E  or  B.Tech(Electrical)/(Electrical  & Electronics  Engg.) graduate. Post Graduation in Electrical and Electronics Engineering is preferred. Minimum 10years  of  experience  inthe  following. Out  of  10years,  minimum  2  years  of experience  in  Design,  Testing  and  commissioning  of  25  Kv  Over  Head
Equipments  and  traction  substation  in  Railways/Metros/  Infrastructure  projects/ Project  management  is    preferred. Age  :  Below 40Years  as  on  date  of advertisement.

  •  Designing  Erection,  Testing  and  commissioning  of  25  KV  OHE  andTraction substation Equipments.
  •  Knowledge  in  processing  of  EIG  Approvals  and  contract  managementand Indian Electricity Rules is essential.
  •  Should  be  able  to  coordinate  with  other  statutory  bodies  of  central  and state government and get required clearances.
Post  No.3&4: Deputy  General  Manager  (MEP-Elevated  Station)  /  Deputy General Manager  (MEP-Under Ground)

Must  be  a  B.E/B.Tech  (Electrical  or  Mechanical  or  Electrical  &Electronics) graduates. Minimum  10years  of experience  in    Installation,  Operation  & Maintenance  of  Mechanical  Systems,  Electrical  Systems,  Plumbing  &  Drainage System,SCADA and interface equipment for railway related disciplines like S&T, Surveillance,Automatic Fare Collection, Lifts & Escalators, Fire Fighting System ,Air Conditioning System and Property Developmentetc. Age:  Below40 years as on date of advertisement.

  • Quality  control,  safety  procedure  implementation,  resource  planning, projectmonitoring, adherence to statutory regulations.
  • Knowledge of relevant Electrical & Mechanical codes and standards.
  • Contract Management Skills ,esp.FIDICcontracts and conditions.
  • Experience inInstallations in Large Building Complex like Metro Stations
Post No.5:Deputy General Manager (Property Development)

Must  be  a  B.E/B.Tech(Civil)  graduate.  Minimum10 years  of  experience  in property  development.  A  MBA  degree  from  a  reputed  Business  School  will  be highly  desirable.Anexperience  in  similar  work  of  having  undertaken  large  scale property  development  and/or  managing  a  large  portfolio  of  developed  property will be a highly desirable attribute .The responsibility profile of the candidate will
be managing the extensive property development program of CMRL project and managing  the  property  already  developed  so  as  to  maximize  the  revenues innovatively  from  property  development. Age:    Below  40  years  as  on  date  of advertisement.


  • Knowledge of financing of PDprojects including BOT etc.,
  • Management of Real Estate development contracts.
  • Experience in other revenue streams like advertising.
Post No.6:Deputy General Manager (Underground)

Must  be  B.E/B.Tech  (Civil)  graduate. Should  have  at  least  10years  of  work experience  in  Railway  environment,out  of  which  5years  in  Metro  underground construction  including  with  deep  excavation  support  systems,  design  / construction  of  underground  civil  structures,  underground  stations,  design  /
construction  of  Railway  tunnel  for  Bored  tunnel,  C&C  Tunnel  and  NATM.Age: Below 40 years as on date of advertisement.
  •  Working Experience in top-down construction mythology inurban locationswill be added advantage.  Familiar with management of contracts relatingto the large infrastructure projects.
  •  Should  have  knowledge  &  skill  in  management  of  FIDIC  conditions  ofcontract  /  International  Civil  Construction  Contracts.    Quality  control  &Assurance  system  in  civil  construction,  Safety  Implementation,Programme  Monitoring.    IS  /  International  Codes  for  construction  of  civilunderground structures.
Post No.7:Deputy General Manager (Architecture)

Must be B.Arch graduate.  Should haveat least 10years of works experience in Architecture  design  of  underground  /  elevated  stations  from  Metro  Rail  System. Age:Below 40 years as on date of advertisement.
  •  Familiar  with  design  aspects  of  life  safety  and  fire  safety  requirement  indesign implementations and material selection.
  •  Experiences with design / construction of various elements of Architectural finishes  for  flooring,  cladding,  glazing,  ceiling  system,  room  layout  and partition,  rooms  interior  design,  station  signage,  subway  design  and finishes.    Selection  of  materials  for  various  element  of  Architecture finishes, adherence to public safety.
  •  Management of contracts relating to the large infrastructureprojects.
  •  Should  have  knowledge  &  skill  in  management  of  FIDIC  ConditionsContract/International  Civil  construction  Contracts.    Quality  Control  &Assurance  System  in  Architectural  finishes,  Safety  Implementation,Programme Monitoring.  IS / International codes for Architectural finishes.
  •  Exposure  touse  design  software  like  CADD,  Photoshop,  3D  Max,  Revit etc.
Post No.8:Deputy General Manager (Elevated Construction)

Must  be  a  B.E/B.Tech(Civil)  graduate.  Should  have  at  least  10  years  work experience inRailway environment for elevated construction and also in design / construction  of  elevated  stations,  sub-structure  /  superstructure  for  Railway viaduct,  segment  launching  for  viaduct.  Age:    Below  40  years  as  on  date  of advertisement.


  • Management of contracts relating to the large infrastructure projects.
  • Should  have  knowledge  &  skill  in  management  of  FIDIC  Conditions  ofContract  /  International  civil  Construction  contracts.    Quality  Control  &Assurance  system  in  Architectural  finishes,  Safety  Implementation,Programme Monitoring.  IS/International Codes for Architectural finishes.
  • Project  Management  skills  in  Infrastructure  projects  including  PMP certification.

Post No.9:Manager (Architecture)

Must be a B.Arch.  Minimum07years of works experience in Architecture design of  underground / elevated  stations  for  Metro  Rail  System  or  large  infrastructure project of similar nature.  Familiar with design aspects of life safety requirements in design  implementation  &  material  selection,  design  /  construction  of  various elements  of  Architectural  finishes  for  flooring,  cladding,  glazing,  ceiling  system, room layout and partition, rooms interior design, station signage, subway design and finishes.Age: Below 38 years as on date of advertisement.
  •  Selection  of  materials  for  various  element  of  Architecture  finishes  in compliance  with  contractual  provision  adherence  with  public  safety  asparamount.    Management  of  contracts  relating  to  the  large  infrastructure projects.
  •  Should  have  knowledge  &  skillin  management  of  FIDIC  Conditions  of Contract  /  International  civil  construction  contracts.    Quality  control  & Assurance  System  in  architectural  finishes,  safety  Implementation, Programme Monitoring.  IS / International Codes for Architectural finishes.
Post No.10:Manager (Tracks)

Must be a B.E/B.Tech(Civil) graduate.Minimum07 years of extensive & diverse experience  in  major  railroad  construction  maintenance  projects    with  hands  on experience  in  track  laying  &  aligning  of  rail  track,  rail  jointing,  rail  fastening  and placing  of  points  ,crossing  and    Management  of  contracts  relating  to  the  large infrastructure  projects. Individuals  with  experience  in  ballastless  tracks  work  will
be preferred.Should have knowledge & skill in management of FIDIC Conditions of contract / International Civil Construction Contracts.  Age: Below  38 years as on date of advertisement.

Post No.11:Manager (Project Control)

Must  be  aB.E/B.Tech  (Civil)  graduate  .Minimum07years  of  experience  in planningand  monitoring  of  large  scale  infrastructure  projects.  Knowledge  of budgeting,  scheduling,  billing,  costing,  quantity  surveying  and  supervising  the works  of  the  contractoris  desirable.  Knowledge  of MS  project  and Primavera software  is  essential.The  incumbent  should  possess  PMP  or  equivalent certification.Age : Below38years as on date of advertisement.

Post No.12:Manager (Depot-Mechanical)

Must  be  a  B.E  (Mechanical)  /  Diploma  (Mechanical)  graduate  withminimum  07 years  ofexperience(for graduate)  /  14years  (for  Diploma)  in  structural  Steel fabrication, erection, testing, commissioningand maintenanceinvolving workshop / civil structures and machine foundation.  Experience in laying major pipe lines, erection of chiller plants, lifts & escalators will be desirable.  Age : Below38years as on date of advertisement. 

Post No.13:Manager (Civil)

Must be aB.E (Civil) / Diploma (Civil) with minimum 07 years of experience (for graduates)  / 14  years (for  Diploma)  in  Planning  &construction of Multi-storeyed Buildings / Framed Structures involving pile foundation, mass RCC works and pre –stressed  concrete. Experience  inconstruction  of  Railway depots,  Railway viaducts  etc.  would  be  preferred. Age:  Below 38 years  as  on  date  of advertisement.

Post No.14:Manager (CivilDesign)

Must  be  a  B.E/B.Tech(Civil)  graduate  with  minimum  07  years  of  design experience    out  of  which  3  years  in  Railway  /  Metro  Projects  in  a  design  of viaduct Elevated Stations or Underground structures.  Age: Below  38 yearsas on date of advertisement.

Post No.15:Manager (ElectricalTraction)

Must be a B.E/B.Tech or Diploma  in Electrical  Engineering .Minimum07 years of  experience  (for  graduate)  /  14  years  (for  Diploma)  in  planning,  design, monitoring,supervision, testing and commissioning of Electric traction, substation and  distribution    work  (in  which  5  years  should  be  in  the  junior  management level).  Officers in Sr.Scale in Railways can apply. Knowledge of EIG procedures and electrical safety regulation is desirable. Age:Below  38yearsas on date of advertisement.

Post No.16:Manager (AFC–Software)

Must  be  a  B.E/B.Techin  Electronics  /  Electronics  Communication  /  Computer Science  or  MCA  with  minimum  07  years  experience  .He  must  have  good knowledge of Microsoft environment, knowledge on Oracle 11g or higher, Veritas NBU  7.1,  Windows  2008,  Server  Administration  /  Windows  7,  IBM  HALMP, Redhat Enterprise, Linux 5.6 Advance Platform, Network Administration, C + +, C & Web Application.He must have fluency in English and good presentation skills.
Out  of  7  years  experience,3  to  5  years  of  experience  in  Embedded  Systems, Data  Processing,  Cross  Compilationis  essential.  He  will  function  as  Software System  Engineer  ,  in-charge  of  the System  support  for  the  Automatic  Fare Collection  System.    He  will  be  responsible  for  networking  of  the  various components  of  the  AFC  System  like  Central  Computer,  Station  Computers  as
well as Station Equipment software’s, diagnose abnormal workings of the System and get corrections done through the AFC Vendor, install newsoftware’sinto the System  as  and  when  required,  etc.  Knowledge  on  Active  Directory  Parameters, Networking  Components  and  Fire Wall  is  desirable.Age:Below  38yearsas  on date of advertisement.

Post No.17:Manager (Legal)

Graduate  in  law  with  07years  legal  experience  in  a  large  Infrastructure organisation, with a proven track record inInternational contract negotiation and drafting,  providingaccurate  and  effective  legal  counsel  and  adding  value  to  an organisation through the development of comprehensive contract documents that mitigate  risk  and  penalties.Knowledge  of  FIDIC  contracts  and  experience  in handling  claims,variations  and arbitration  in  Civil/Systemcontracts  is  desirable. Age :Below38years as on date of advertisement.

Post No.18:Deputy Manager (Admin)

Must  be  aMBA  ora PG  degree  holder  in  HR  or  Industrial  Relations with minimum04years of experience in general administration .The candidate should have  exposure  in  handling  procurement  activities,man  power  contracts,House Keeping in  a  large  infrastructure  organization  .Knowledge  in  contract management is desirable.Age below  35 years.

Post No.19:Assistant Manager (AFC)

Degree  in  Mechatronics  from  reputed  TechnicalInstitution.  He must  have  good knowledge  of  Electro-mechanical  equipments  and  aptitude  for  trouble  shooting. Two  years  experience  in  Operation  &  Maintenance  of  AFC  System  /  ATM  / Automatic Vending Machines isdesirable.  Experience in Metro or Urban Railway AFC  systemswill  bepreferred.  He  will  be  involved  in  installation,  testing, commissioningand  maintenance  of  the  Automatic  Fare  Collection  System. He will be responsible for Operation and Maintenance of the components of the AFC System. Knowledge  in  Linux  based  Systems  is  desirable.Age  :Below 30 years as on date of advertisement.


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